Friday, May 28, 2010

x0xb0x Mellotron Poly 800 707 Biscuit Ekko Truck Restyler

Here we are with a noodle featuring a multitude of awesomeness, The Diabolical Devices modified Poly 800 is running into the Malekko Ekko 616 analog delay. The Adafruit designed x0xb0x 303 emulator is running into the Skychord Truck Loud fuzz pedal. The Diabolical TR-707 is providing the crunchy beats. And finally the Mellotron is running through the OTO Biscuit, utilizing it's great sounding analog filter. Our mix out is running through the Sherman Rodec Restyler and we have a send on our mixer going to the Eventide 2016 Reverb.