Sunday, April 26, 2009

TR-808 Birthday Cake

Here is a cake that Justin Maxwell gave to John Tejada and Cynthia for their birthday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eventide PitchFactor w/ Fulltone OCD

Here's the Eventide PitchFactor with a Fender Strat using a variety of settings on the PitchFactor. We are also using a Fulltone OCD on some parts for a nice overdriven sound.

We are running this setup into a Fender Princeton amp at low volume. The OCD sounds warm and sweet, without the need to overdrive the amp.

BCM Welcomes Cusack Pedals!

Cusack pedals are beautiful to look at, and the sound & functions are really special. Check out the way the serial number and other text is etched into the top of each Cusack pedal. Nice!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diabolical Army On It's Way

Here's a picture of a shipment coming from Diabolical Devices this week. These are mostly modified TR-707 drum machines and a TR-727 latin percussion drum machine. These machines haves knobs for pitch control of almost every drum sound, four global bends, banana plug patch bay, and they all will work normally and as a MIDI sound module. We can't wait!

BCM Welcomes 4ms Pedals

The guys at 4ms pedals have come up with some really interesting pieces. The NoiseSwash is noise generator and a signal processor that produces some unwieldy sounds. Dan from 4ms says it's the product of using a bunch of chips the wrong way. Sounds cool to us!

The BendMatrix is an incredibly interesting sequencer, a circuit bent sequencer! You can clock the internal sequence via MIDI and you can also use it as a MIDI sequencer. The BendMatrix also works as an audio sequencer, sort of like an automated mixer with four outputs. There are also some really cool performance controllers like the Strobe, Arp, Gloob and Random knobs.

More 4ms coming soon!

The Loud Objects Arrive at BCM!

We're excited to offer these super fun little noisemakers. The Loud Objects come preloaded with random bleeps and boops, sequences, and weird drum sounds. They have an 1/8th inch output, perfect for running into your modular synth. There are two push-buttons on the face that will select the different sounds. These things are fun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Pig!

We were going for the ultimate Pigtronix Mothership Guitar Synth patch. This is what we came up with!

Besides our lack of good time this setup is incredibly fun. We used every Pigtronix pedal except the awesome Philosopher's Tone Compressor and the brutal PolySaturator distortion.

This is a pure squarewave synth tone from the MGS, no dry guitar. The AttackSustain really pulls the guitar synth patch together. It's an audio triggered envelope with variable attack and decay times. The Disnortion sounds so cool we had to turn all three, overdrive, fuzz and octave-up on. The EP-1 is doing a super-slow phase while the Echolution is giving us a cool modulated slapback echo.

Super Pig!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sherman Filterbank 2 Guitar Synth/Octave

Someone asked about running guitar into the FB2 and this is one of the settings we came up with. We're also using the Eventide TimeFactor, which is amazing. It's set to a very short delay time in Digital Delay mode. Funky!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sherman FB2 MIDI Control Fun

It seems like every time we turn on the Sherman Filterbank 2 we get new and interesting sounds! We have never messed with the MIDI control before and thought it would be an opportune time for a video. The Elektron Machinedrum is sequencing the drums and controlling the cutoff of filter one and two as well as the the release on the AR envelope. If you watch closely you can see us un-mute the MIDI sequencer channel on the MD, engaging MIDI control. The Sherman is by far one of the best values in the analog processor realm.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Arp 2600 - Malekko 600B

This is an Arp 2600 we were testing, and we decided to have some fun with it - jungle fun.

The Malekko 600 millisecond bright delay sounds awesome too. Duh. This is the "Bright" voiced version. If you haven't checked out the analog delays from Malekko Heavy Industry, you're missing out. The Malekko pedals are a sweet, affordable, and are a good alternative to new or old BBD delays out there. Get one. They're recession priced already!