Thursday, February 28, 2008

Robot Farts with Schippmann Ebbe & Flut and Sherman Filterbank 2

Our friend Mike had this ever-changing feedback loop running for like three days. Check out Mike's music at

Schippmann Ebbe & Flut and Sherman Filterbank 2

Moog Little Phatty and the Fulltone TTE

The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo is a beautiful sounding tape echo. It's warm and it has true character unlike most digital delays out there. This is our friend Doron playing the Moog Little Phatty Tribute Edition and tweaking the TTE.

Analogue Systems rs370 Part 2 -Wavetable Synthesis

The rs370 Euro-rack module

Part 1 Video

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dirty Boy Pedal Sounds from Blues Saraceno!

Dirty Boy Pedal

You can hear Blues Saraceno play several clips using those exact pedals, so listen away!!!! All clips were done with a $99 Squire Strat (stock) and $150 Sears Silvertone amp with 10" speaker!

01 - Rock Song Final Mix
02 - Fuzz only-no octave
03 - Full octave - input
04 - 50% octave
05 - 100% octave everything

01 - Clean Boost
02 - Fuzz
03 - Fuzz
04 - Fuzz Boost
05 - Track
06 - Clean Boost then Fuzz

01 - Lead Fuzz
02 - Dark Fuzzy
03 - Dark Heavy
04 - Psychedelic
05 - Variety
06 - Mosquito Fuzz

Cannibal Dance
position 1 - full bass
position 1 - dark to bright
position 1 - bright to dark
position 4
position 5

Sustainer with Booster High Position
Sustainer with Booster Low position
Sustainer only
The Bully Bop

Afro Classic
Afro Fuzz
position 1
position 2
position 3
position 5

position 2 - rhythm & lead
position 3
position 2 - rhythm & lead
position 4
position 4 - one mic
position 9 - sweep
position 12 - strat bridge
position 12 - strat neck

Frostwave Blue Ringer Ring Modulator

Here's a bit of the Frostwave Blue Ringer, Ring Modulator. We're running first, a part of a song from the Radikal Technologies Spectralis and then a pattern from the Elektron MachineDrum SPS-1. First you hear the dry signal then the wet. This pedal does have a CV input for control of the oscillator pitch so if you have CV gear you can integrate it easily with your setup. In this demo we use a triangle wave LFO to modulate the ring mod frequency. You'll notice it starts when we point to the CV input label.

A ring mod takes 2 signals and gives you the sum and difference of the frequencies on the output side. For example: put in 440hz get out 220hz and 880hz. Notice that 880hz is exactly double the incoming frequency, which is an octave. In this demo we ran the same signal into both inputs and with the top right knob of the Blue Ringer you can control the amount of internal oscillator and input B. The difference would make no change in sound but the sum should give us an octave up. It's a bit hard to hear with drums but it works great on more melodic instruments.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rozzbox with Monome Controller

Here is the 5-voice RozzBox being controlled with a Monome. Our friend Kylee was kind enough to bring his new Monome by our shop.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (TTE) + OCD + Clyde Deluxe Wah

Big City Music owner Roger Cordell plays a Strat through the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (TTE), OCD and Clyde Deluxe Wah. This was the version 3 OCD. The version 4 is better - more open and bright.

Lexicon LXP-5 with Kaossilator

We're just messing with this great little Lexicon unit, the LXP-5 and a Kaossilator loop. Of course you can get a great reverb out of it but I wanted to hear something interesting. For $179 I was pretty blown away. Verbs, Delays, Chorus, Multi-effects=FUN


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Frostwave Funk-A-Duck Envelope-Controlled Filter

Here is a demo of the Frostwave Funk-A-Duck filter. It features sweepable low, high and band pass filters as well as an envelope follower with positive and negative envelopes. There are controls for input/output levels, one knob to fade from up, down or "none" envelope, resonance(which can self-oscillate), frequency, and speed of the envelope. It also has a bypass footswitch. This super versatile filter can be used on nearly everything including guitar, bass, drum loops, keyboards; All of them!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Frostwave Resonator Mashup

This is the Frostwave Resonator, a very cool MS-20 filter clone. We're using a Jomox XBase999 drum machine as a sound source. The first clip is just a few simple filter sweeps to give you an idea of the musicality of this great filter. In the second clip we're using the Moog MF-101 as an envelope follower to the cutoff of both the low and high pass filters(which we multed). In the third clip we run the Moog Voyager's LFO and Sample & Hold outputs into both filter cutoffs (out of the VX-351). In the fourth clip we use the Analogue Systems rs600 Performance Wheels LFO as a modulation source. Mashup!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crispy Rozzbox Beats

This is our friend Duron tweaking some L.L. Electronics Rozzbox beats using the built in sequencers. We find a cool new sound on this synth everyday!

Jomox T-Resonator Delays Audio Demo

This is a short demo of the Jomox T-Resonator. I'm using mostly Program 6 which is one of the delay modes. First you hear the dry drum loop then the filter then into the delay sections. It gets really interesting around 1:05ish because I'm feeding one of the outputs back into the T-Resonator.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Analogue Systems rs95 oscillator tracking demonstration

Here is a demo of the Analogue Systems rs95 analog oscillator played along with the rs370 digital oscillator (for reference). This test shows the amazing accuracy of the scaling on the rs95 oscillator. If you have ever tried to tune an analog synth for a wide range, like six octaves, you know how difficult it can be, if not nearly impossible. The rs95 tracked impeccably and sounded great at the same time. The rs95 is available in the Euro-rack format.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jomox T-Resonator

Here are the first two modes of the new Jomox T-Resonator processor. Mike has the Casio VL-Tone and a drum loop running into the T-Resonator which really screws up the sound in a very interesting way.

Analogue Solutions TBX-303

Here's a quick demo of the new Analogue Solutions TBX-303. It has built in overdrive, filter resonance and squelch controls and a lot more features that go beyond the original 303.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old Timey RozzBox

The L.L. Electronics Polyphonic RozzBox One V2

It kind of reminds me of a Teleharmonium in this light.
Thanks Randy!

Sherman Filterbank 2 RozzBox Bass

Here's a short one of the Rozzbox into the Sherman. Mike Dobler is using filter resonance to make a mean bass. The Sherman is tracking the incoming pitch. The RozzBox wanted to play nice but ended up as a seething bass monster.

Sherman Filterbank 2 w/ Elektron MachineDrum Bird Calls?

Tweet tweet. Tweet tweet. No. It's not spring yet. That's just the Sherman tearing up an Elektron MachineDrum. Here are some examples of the tougher side of this flexible filter.

Sherman Filterbank 2 w/ MachineDrum

Here are some random stock patterns from the Elektron MachineDrum SPS-1 Mk2. Mike is working out the Sherman . Thanks Mike! First you hear the dry signal then you see Mike turn the dry/wet mix at the top right. We will get into more specific Sherman techiniques in videos to come.

Liepzig Monosynth

Is a monosynth battle looming? We've been excited about this one for a while. It looks clean. Ready?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo

We're running patch "0" from the Rozzbox into the tape echo. Can't get enough of that tape sound. The sound really is analogous and natural. Crap. I want one now....and a Rozzbox.

Friday, February 1, 2008

RMC 2 Wah Pedals in Blue!

We have the blue version(was grey) of this incredible wah pedal in stock now. The RMC 2 has controls for volume, q, and an 11-position rotary switch for control of the sweep range. The quality of these wahs are astounding.
Get one.