Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frostwave Blue Ringer Ring Modulator

Here's a bit of the Frostwave Blue Ringer, Ring Modulator. We're running first, a part of a song from the Radikal Technologies Spectralis and then a pattern from the Elektron MachineDrum SPS-1. First you hear the dry signal then the wet. This pedal does have a CV input for control of the oscillator pitch so if you have CV gear you can integrate it easily with your setup. In this demo we use a triangle wave LFO to modulate the ring mod frequency. You'll notice it starts when we point to the CV input label.

A ring mod takes 2 signals and gives you the sum and difference of the frequencies on the output side. For example: put in 440hz get out 220hz and 880hz. Notice that 880hz is exactly double the incoming frequency, which is an octave. In this demo we ran the same signal into both inputs and with the top right knob of the Blue Ringer you can control the amount of internal oscillator and input B. The difference would make no change in sound but the sum should give us an octave up. It's a bit hard to hear with drums but it works great on more melodic instruments.

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