Saturday, October 31, 2009

KCP Glamour Box

Here's a quick noodle with the KCP Glamour Box. It's an insane two squarewave oscillator synth with some awesome modulation functions and external audio processing(the next vid) Just like all other KCP products the Glamour Box is extremely well-made, ready for the road or your local noise show. Oh, and it's sparkley too!

Friday, October 30, 2009

King Capitol Punishment Glamour Box Now Available

We finally have some KCP Glamour Boxes in stock! These are definitely a lot of fun with their high sound quality drones and insane external instrument processing. Video coming soon. Available here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

4ms News

The Atoner modules are on their way but while we're waiting here's the user's guide!

Also, we have a new batch of Noise Swash pedals on their way. Check out the artwork!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tag Team Patch 10/24/09 - Analogue Systems Frequency Shifter

Here's a little patch we drummed up with our friend Don. Bad pun, good patch. The Jomox 999 is having it's frequencies shifted! We're also using the envelope follower function from the rs35 External Processor module. The rs50 is shaping the envelope out of the rs35 so we can trigger an rs60 envelope generator more accurately. There's actually a couple of envelopes modulating the rs 240. We're also using our shaped pulse to clock the rs200 sequencer, using output A to modulate the rs240 even more. We also used a little too much Eventide 2016 Reverb but that's okay ;) Fun stuff.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wiard / Malekko NoiseRing Anti-Oscillator Random FM Sequences

Awesomeness! The NoiseRing is controlling the pitch of the Anti Osc which is being modulated by a Cwejman D-LFO. It seems random at first then you can start to hear a structure in the chaos. The NoiseRing will repeat a sequence for while and then change to another random sequence. The sequences vary depending on the "Chance" and "Change" variables which can also be modulated externally with CV's. The Noisering is also clocking an Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer, pitch A going to the linear fm input of the AO. The rs200 is also triggering an rs60 EG which is opening the Borg filter module, doubling as a filter and VCA. FM randomadness!

Friday, October 16, 2009

BCM Welcomes Ham Heart Synthesizers

We 're super excited to announce that we will now be offering HamHeart synths. These little beauties should be available late next week! Woohoo.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wiard / Malekko Envelator Coming Soon

Wiard and Malekko will soon be releasing a new module, the Envelator. The Envelator is 10hp of envelope generating awesomeness. The Envelator brings envelope functions to the Eurorack world unseen until now. It offers simultaneous output of positive and negative envelopes as well as voltage control of attack and decay functions and more. Sweet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dewantron Tonight!

This is just a reminder to come check out Dewantron tonight at Spaceland in Silver Lake tonight! Bring an instrument to play with you and save $5.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wiard / Malekko Anti Oscillator Sounds

Okay. Finally! Not a very musical sequence but we're just trying to show off all of the incredible sounds the AO does. For a second we had it sounding like a violin! You can also hear a short envelope with some serious FM'ing by the Cwejman sine. We're using just the AO, the Borg as a VCA and an Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer and rs130 PSG as a quantizer and a Cwejman sine wave for modulation. At times it sounds like there's a filter but there's not! The AO has a 1volt/octave input as well as exponential, linear and wave envelope inputs which reveals some super awesome FM sounds. For the money and high-quality build the AO is a no brainer. And it sounds fantastic!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dual Primate Console 2 - Finished!

Don't forget about the Spaceland show on 10/13.
Dewanatron is also performing

Wednesday, October 14, 8pm

Dewanatron at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles
Brian and Leon Dewan will accompany a program of silent short horror movies at the Cinefamily Silent Movie Theater.
Tickets: $12

611 N Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wiard / Malekko Anti Oscillator Available Now!

Find these monsters here.

Modular Vids from 4ms Pedals

Modules available here at the top of the page.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Analogue Systems rs440 BBD Analogue Delay

Analogue Systems has just released a brand new module, the rs440 BBD Analogue Delay. This is an awesome sounding delay, utilizing a Panasonic 3011 BBD chip. Analogue Systems has done a great job keeping the price down on this voltage controllable delay. There is some clock noise at longer delay times but the use of a low pass filter after can easily rid you of it. Actually, the clock noise is pretty fun. You can use it as an effect! If you've had any experience with BBD delays you know that clock noise can be an issue. Luckily most modular users have multiple filters ;). The rs440 has two cv inputs for controlling the delay time, one with an attenuator. There's also cv in for controlling the wet dry mix. In this video we're running a simple sequence using an rs95 square wave. The output of the VCA goes into the rs440, and the rs440's out into the rs100s Low Pass Filter. This delay sounds great and the feedback and freakouts have a wonderful tone to them. We're running one of our sequencer channels into the variable cv input, sequencing the delay time. Yes. Sequencing delay time! Woohoo! We also run a medium-speed triangle LFO into the fixed time near the end, which gives the delay a nice vibrato. Cheers!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dewanatron's Coming to Town!

Leon, Brian and Big City Music invite you to come check out Dewanatron! The guys will be showcasing their new Dual Primate Console. The new DPC is modular in essence, making it more portable than before. There's some new features too. If you've never seen Dewanatron in action, here's your chance. This has to be one of the most fun and entertaining shows we've been to. Leon and Brian are great people and the atmosphere they create is open and friendly. This time you can join them. Bring an instrument!

SHOW DETAILS (more below)

Ghettogloss presents: The Dewanatron Experiment at Spaceland

Tuesday, Oct 13, 8:30 pm onwards

Admission: $10 at door, $8 in advance, $5 if you show up with a musical

Dual Primate Console -Check out the nixie tubes!

Some shots from the inside of the DPC. Handbuilt... Let's see a machine do that!

In honor of Dewanatron coming to town we made a short video with the Melody Gin.

We're having some fun with the Dewanatron Melody Gin. The Melody Gin's envelope is being triggered by the Elektron Machinedrum's Impulse machine. The Impulse machine allows you to send out gate pulses which can be super handy. The Melody Gin's audio is patched into the Machinedrum and we're using a bit of the built in reverb. The Melody Gin is a truly original synthesizer, hand-built by Leon and Brian Dewan in New York. It's basically a two oscillator, four LFO synth with cross modulation, an envelope and some other really neat features like the "Slice" function.

Oh yeah. There's a cool new Dewanatron documentary you should check out by William Dickerson too.

More show info from Dewanatron band member Mark Blackwell...





Ghettogloss presents THE DEWANATRON EXPERIMENT at SPACELAND - Tuesday, October 13th at 8:30pm! Bring a musical instrument to the show, receive a discount on the price of admission, and be a part of the groundbreaking Dewanatron Experiment at Spaceland!

"Ghettogloss presents: THE DEWANATRON EXPERIMENT" at SPACELAND, Tuesday, October 13th - featuring an extremely rare Los Angeles performance by world-renowned electronic music pioneers Brian & Leon Dewan, plus a star-studded full-band array of special guest musicians - including YOURSELF if you're so inclined!
In a groundbreaking FIRST for the legendary Spaceland, anyone can bring their own musical instrument to the show, receive a discount on the price of admission, and personally be a part of this historical event!
The New York Times calls Dewanatron "eccentric inventors and visionary entrepreneurs exploring and sharing a new, offbeat world of music, technology and homespun craft," while The Los Angeles Times raves that in Dewanatron's last mindshifting L.A. appearance, the expanded supergroup "at full roar...howled and warbled with demented mid-1960s fervor, all simple rhythms laced up with complex and freakish electronic wails, a retrofuturistic journey to the reinvention of the synthesizer" (see L.A. TIMES LINK).
Let us digress for a moment here and pose an important music-related question to you:
Do you ever wish you could go back in time and actually perform on stage with the Beatles at The Cavern Club, groove with The Velvet Underground at Max's Kansas City, be an integral player in Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable at The Factory, or personally be a part of legendary formative shows by groundbreaking, inventive artists such as, say, Radiohead, Devo, Kraftwerk, or (insert your favorite band here) at their respective historically-significant early venues?
Well, sorry, that's ridiculous, you can't.
(And if you did happen to be around at any one of those watershed musical moments and you could've actually been there, you more than likely wouldn't have even gone out that night anyway, because you probably wouldn't have found out about the show until the next morning, or you would've been too jaded, depressed, drunk, and/or high and sitting around at home watching TV and whining about how nothing cool ever happens and how everything sucks - and if a freakin' miracle occurred and you did manage to actually be there, none of those bands would've let you show up with an instrument and actually play with them anyhow...)
So now's your chance to finally be a part of musical history! Join in The Dewanatron Experiment at Spaceland, Tuesday, October 13th from 8:30 onwards! If this show doesn't eventually become legendary, at least you will have given it a shot and enjoyed an amazing Tuesday night out with a bunch of great people! And if you don't show up and participate, you just might regret it for the rest of you life...
Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door, and only $5 if you show up at Spaceland with your own instrument (random percussive objects, acoustic whatnots, strings, woodwinds, small portable keyboards, and/or/etc are welcome - anything you can reasonably carry on your person, nothing too bulky or on wheels or that will be irritating, intrusive, and/or unwieldy - all instruments subject to Spaceland and/or Dewanatron approval) to personally join in the exciting, engaging, and explosive experience of The Dewanatron Experiment!