Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Analogue Systems rs440 BBD Analogue Delay

Analogue Systems has just released a brand new module, the rs440 BBD Analogue Delay. This is an awesome sounding delay, utilizing a Panasonic 3011 BBD chip. Analogue Systems has done a great job keeping the price down on this voltage controllable delay. There is some clock noise at longer delay times but the use of a low pass filter after can easily rid you of it. Actually, the clock noise is pretty fun. You can use it as an effect! If you've had any experience with BBD delays you know that clock noise can be an issue. Luckily most modular users have multiple filters ;). The rs440 has two cv inputs for controlling the delay time, one with an attenuator. There's also cv in for controlling the wet dry mix. In this video we're running a simple sequence using an rs95 square wave. The output of the VCA goes into the rs440, and the rs440's out into the rs100s Low Pass Filter. This delay sounds great and the feedback and freakouts have a wonderful tone to them. We're running one of our sequencer channels into the variable cv input, sequencing the delay time. Yes. Sequencing delay time! Woohoo! We also run a medium-speed triangle LFO into the fixed time near the end, which gives the delay a nice vibrato. Cheers!

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