Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wiard / Malekko NoiseRing Anti-Oscillator Random FM Sequences

Awesomeness! The NoiseRing is controlling the pitch of the Anti Osc which is being modulated by a Cwejman D-LFO. It seems random at first then you can start to hear a structure in the chaos. The NoiseRing will repeat a sequence for while and then change to another random sequence. The sequences vary depending on the "Chance" and "Change" variables which can also be modulated externally with CV's. The Noisering is also clocking an Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer, pitch A going to the linear fm input of the AO. The rs200 is also triggering an rs60 EG which is opening the Borg filter module, doubling as a filter and VCA. FM randomadness!

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