Friday, May 28, 2010

x0xb0x Mellotron Poly 800 707 Biscuit Ekko Truck Restyler

Here we are with a noodle featuring a multitude of awesomeness, The Diabolical Devices modified Poly 800 is running into the Malekko Ekko 616 analog delay. The Adafruit designed x0xb0x 303 emulator is running into the Skychord Truck Loud fuzz pedal. The Diabolical TR-707 is providing the crunchy beats. And finally the Mellotron is running through the OTO Biscuit, utilizing it's great sounding analog filter. Our mix out is running through the Sherman Rodec Restyler and we have a send on our mixer going to the Eventide 2016 Reverb.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Limited Edition Red Fulltone TTE is Here!

Find one here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zvex Inventobox Now Shipping

We've just received some of the new Zvex Inventobox pedals. The Inventobox is literally an inventive new kind of guitar pedal. It allows you to customize and configure the effect to best suit your needs and taste. Check them out here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

4ms Noise Swash Pedals Back in Stock

Back in stock and ready to ship!

New Dirty Boy "Stone Boy" Pedal!

Words From Alex Saraceno

Once a year, I introduce a new pedal to my line.
This year it is called the " Stone Boy "
Of all my children, this is the one that took longest to conceive. ( 8 months of R&D )
There are many things that make this one different from any other in the line.
For one thing it runs on 2 X AA batteries, super cool concept which allows the pedal to run cooler and last forever but don't worry you don't have to get a 3 volt charger since the voltage for the adapter is being reduced INSIDE the pedal, and your standard 9 volts wall wart will work fine.
Now for the sound.
I wanted to emulate the fattest lead sound possible and the smoothest ever.
I kept thinking of Leslie West at his peak and how his guitar sounded like 3 guitars when he did his leads.
This pedal is not for noodlers or posers, but for precise and professional players who want to destroy.
It is a total redesign of old technology which had a lot of flaws since it was too early for its time.
I cleaned everything up with later designs but left one position on the frequency selector ( the highest ) for the real early fuzz effects in case yo want to use it.

We will soon have a video available as well as some soundclips, but for the hard core followers of the Dirty Boy Pedals, I am releasing it early since I am confident that those who buy it blindly will be satisfied...

Available here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Studio Electronics CODE 4 OD - A Few Presets

Here's a smattering of presets from the mega-awesome polysynth from Studio Electronics, The CODE 4OD. The CODE sports Moog and Oberheim-style filters stock. Yamaha CS-80, Arp 2600 and TB-303 style filter cards can be added by the user. The CODE's we carry come standard with four voice cards which give you four-note polyphony. Other voice cards can be added, allowing you up to eight voices total. This is definitely one of the best sounding polysynths ever made and has some great modern features like storable presets, LFO's that sync, cross-modulation, and a switchable overdrive on the output section(hence the "OD") Please note that the Code sounds much better in person or with a proper preamp;) The chord sequence is being generated by the Elektron Machinedrum midi machine.

New Analogue Systems CV Recorder Module

There's a super-cool new module in the works from the British brains at Analogue Systems. It's a CV recorder. Here are some preliminary specs. We can't wait!

"This module will re create the KS section of the legendary EMS synthi AKS when in Real Time mode.In Step Time mode it will emulate the Roland SH101 sequencer section. In addition the module is a 4 channel cv recorder with non volatile memory contained in 12 banks. We are working on the possibility of layering up to 4 tracks of recorder cv data but this spec may vary subject to change

MMC card on-board for storage.


· One shot
· Loop
· Hold - like one-shot but it will remember it's place when you stop playing and resume from that point. The reset input resets back to the start.
· Forward
· Reverse
· Bi-dir. In one-shot mode should this reverse each time it is triggered

Sequencer mode

· Step - Records/plays back the levels each time it is triggered. While playing back this would be very similar to step sequencers. You need to provide an external gate in this mode.
· Continuous/Real Time - The outputs simply track the inputs. Clock in is recorded along with the CVs so you can record gates/triggers. Playback rate is controlled by the speed pot/CV.
Trigger mode.
· Trigger - A trigger on PLAY starts playback,a trigger on STOP stops playback. The same goes for record
· Gate - PLAY/RECORD are gates. STOP does nothing
· Start/stop - A trigger on PLAY starts playback, another trigger on PLAY stops playback. The same goes for record
· 10 (maybe 12) independent recordings can be stored.

Clock in In step mode this provides the step clock. In continuous/Real Time mode it is recorded and output on clock out when playing back.
Clock out In step mode this mirrors clock in. In continuous/Real Time mode it outputs the recorded clocks/triggers.
Reset Resets the loop back to the beginning but does not stop playback. Probably most useful in hold mode.
CV outs While recording they mirror the CV inputs so you can monitor the inputs. In step mode while recording the outputs only change on each gate so you hear exactly what is being recorded."

Malekko 8NU8R Attenuator Preview

Here's a short video from Josh at Malekko showcasing the brand new 8NU8R module. It's a full-featured attenuator module that's only 4hP! The module is a dual module, with two channels of attenuation. With something plugged into the input it acts as an attenuator, with nothing plugged into the input it becomes a static voltage source. You can also rectify the incoming signal. This means only the positive part of the waveform will be outputted. So if you're using a sine LFO as the source the output could be used as a vibrato-like modulation source. This would give you vibrato similar to a guitar player because typically a guitar player's vibrato only bends the pitch up. Wait! You can also switch a jumper on the back giving you a half-rectified wave giving you even more flexibility. This may be the most capable attenuator to date! Stay tuned for availability details...

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Division-6 Module Coming Soon!

Quoted from

"The Multiplicity XV is a buffered multiple; every single output jack regenerates your signal. Whether you are splitting audio or control voltages, there is no degradation.

Multiplicity's channels are cascaded, giving you flexibility in how many ways you split your signal. Plug a signal into input 1 and it will be available from all 15 outputs. Add a different signal into input 3 and it breaks the chain; signal 1 comes out 6 outputs and signal 2 is available at the remaining 9. You can have up to 5 inputs split 3 ways each.

The Multiplicity XV is a 10HP Eurorack module."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Modular World 19" Rack Now Shipping

Build your own eurorack modular synth case with this 19' one row rack!

Limited Edition FoH INM Now Shipping!

We now have a beautiful walnut-cased Flight of Harmony Infernal Noise Machine available! The case was made by George Mattson of the Mattson Mini Modular fame. Available only at BCM.

DSI MoPho Keyboard Now Shipping

Find it here.

Division 6 Filtare SEIII Now Shipping!

This incredible sounding multimode filter is based on the SSM 2040 chip found in legendary vintage synths. Find it here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Cwejman Modules Available

Find them here.