Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Analogue Systems CV Recorder Module

There's a super-cool new module in the works from the British brains at Analogue Systems. It's a CV recorder. Here are some preliminary specs. We can't wait!

"This module will re create the KS section of the legendary EMS synthi AKS when in Real Time mode.In Step Time mode it will emulate the Roland SH101 sequencer section. In addition the module is a 4 channel cv recorder with non volatile memory contained in 12 banks. We are working on the possibility of layering up to 4 tracks of recorder cv data but this spec may vary subject to change

MMC card on-board for storage.


· One shot
· Loop
· Hold - like one-shot but it will remember it's place when you stop playing and resume from that point. The reset input resets back to the start.
· Forward
· Reverse
· Bi-dir. In one-shot mode should this reverse each time it is triggered

Sequencer mode

· Step - Records/plays back the levels each time it is triggered. While playing back this would be very similar to step sequencers. You need to provide an external gate in this mode.
· Continuous/Real Time - The outputs simply track the inputs. Clock in is recorded along with the CVs so you can record gates/triggers. Playback rate is controlled by the speed pot/CV.
Trigger mode.
· Trigger - A trigger on PLAY starts playback,a trigger on STOP stops playback. The same goes for record
· Gate - PLAY/RECORD are gates. STOP does nothing
· Start/stop - A trigger on PLAY starts playback, another trigger on PLAY stops playback. The same goes for record
· 10 (maybe 12) independent recordings can be stored.

Clock in In step mode this provides the step clock. In continuous/Real Time mode it is recorded and output on clock out when playing back.
Clock out In step mode this mirrors clock in. In continuous/Real Time mode it outputs the recorded clocks/triggers.
Reset Resets the loop back to the beginning but does not stop playback. Probably most useful in hold mode.
CV outs While recording they mirror the CV inputs so you can monitor the inputs. In step mode while recording the outputs only change on each gate so you hear exactly what is being recorded."

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