Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Malekko 8NU8R Attenuator Preview

Here's a short video from Josh at Malekko showcasing the brand new 8NU8R module. It's a full-featured attenuator module that's only 4hP! The module is a dual module, with two channels of attenuation. With something plugged into the input it acts as an attenuator, with nothing plugged into the input it becomes a static voltage source. You can also rectify the incoming signal. This means only the positive part of the waveform will be outputted. So if you're using a sine LFO as the source the output could be used as a vibrato-like modulation source. This would give you vibrato similar to a guitar player because typically a guitar player's vibrato only bends the pitch up. Wait! You can also switch a jumper on the back giving you a half-rectified wave giving you even more flexibility. This may be the most capable attenuator to date! Stay tuned for availability details...

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