Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eventide Offering Free EQ Compressor Algorithm to H9 Customers

The EQ Compressor Algorithm is available free via the "H9 Control App" until June 20th.

The Eventide H9 is a multi-effects unit that allows the user to control and download award-winning Eventide algorithms from the H9 Control App.

Presets Include:
  • 2 TimeFactor: Tape Echo, Vintage Delay.
  • 2 ModFactor: TremoloPan, Chorus.
  • 2 PitchFactor: H910/H949, Crystals.
  • 2 Space: Shimmer, Hall.
  • 2 exclusive to H9: UltraTap, Resonator.
  • Chromatic Tuner.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 24th Synth Meet in Portland

We are excited for the Trash Audio Synth Meet at the end of this month. Tickets are available now on the Trash Audio website and the show includes some amazing performers.