Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Signal Arts Tetra MAPS Sequencer -Polyphonic Modular Patch

Yes. It's true. Not only can you create insane sequences with the MAPS but you can also use it as a four-voice polyphonic MIDI to CV converter! It works! We've patched four separate Analogue Systems mono voices, osc, adsr, vca and the outputs are mixed together. The Tetra's four sets of CV/Gate are routed to the mono voices to control oscillator pitches and trigger the envelope generators. The Tetra is great at allocating the voices. Holy cow! Polyphonic modular. The possibilities! Just make sure you have plenty of patch cords ;) In this video we
're actually using the tabetop version of the MAPS but the Euro module does it too! Please excuse the boring patch and keyboard playing. Thanks for watching!

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