Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keith Emerson and his Moog Modular

What could be cooler than meeting the man who introduced me to the incredible sound of a Moog modular synthesizer? I was just a kid when I first heard Keith Emerson's Lucky Man solo on a pair of Klipschorn speakers. That huge, otherworldly synth sound changed the way I thought about keyboard players forever.

The monster Moog modular pictured below is Keith's and it is the same one he used back in the early days with ELP. It sounded amazing when he played it at the Waves of Inspiration / Legacy of Moog event in Carlsbad last weekend.


Lo Fi Freq said...

Sick! man!
thats a synth monster!

Brian said...

GREAT photos! I'm glad you came down and saw it that night. Whatta show it was - maybe the first truly solo Emerson show... he was improvising and playing Polymoog and Minimoog too!