Monday, September 28, 2009

Signal Art Tetra MAPS Sequencer in Eurorack Format

The MAPS sequencer, short for MIDI Analog Performance Sequencer, is now in Eurorack modular synth format! The Tetra MAPS is an incredibly versatile sequencer, capable of producing beautifully complex multi-channel sequences or your simple everyday sequences. The MAPS has four(!) MIDI-CV converters as well as up to 32 midi channel outputs. This short demo shows multiple sequences "chasing" each other. You can set the gate time per step, which can give you some wonderful rhythmic variation as well as some nice random melodies. By pushing the corresponding encoder, you start a particular sequence. You can start and retrigger all of the sequences multiple times too. Awesome!

We're sending our control voltages to three Analogue Systems voices, each patched a bit differently. All are using the rs95 oscillator with fine tuner. One has an rs100 Low Pass filter, one a Comb Filter, and all three mixed are running into the amazing Reverb/Chorus module.

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