Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tetra Maps Diabolical EX-800 Echobox

We're using the super unique Signal Arts Tetra Maps Sequencer to run the Diabolical Devices modified Korg EX-800 into the SubDecay Echobox delay pedal.

The Tetra Maps is unlike any other sequencer. You can sequence up to thirty-two MIDI channels as well as four CV and gate outputs for modular and analog synths. The Tetra Maps is not your conventional sequencer, although you could do some pretty normal sequencing if you wanted. The Tetra allows you to fire off multiple sequences at the same time, on the same channel or on different ones. Crazy chasing sequences, continuous controller mayhem, and MIDI to CV are all included in this genius piece.

The Diabolical Devices EX-800 sounds good! We forgot to mention in the last video that you can also process external sounds via the 1/4" jack on the front. Nice.

The Echobox delay pedal from SubDecay is an incredible sounding pedal. Especially for the price! It's a pretty standard delay with the welcomely added feature of LFO modulation to only the echos. From subtle pitch modulations to all out swishing echo madness, SubDecay has outdone themselves. And yes. It will self oscillate, sending your sounds into the stratosphere and beyond.

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