Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alternative Oscillators -Volume 1

Here are a few different modules you wouldn't normally use for oscillators. But, in a pinch, or for effect, they work quite nicely. As a reference we start with an Analogue Systems rs95 square wave. The first alternative is the Plan B Model 37 Elf LFO. Yes. It will track one volt per octave. It also offers a few different waveform outputs too The next is the Cwejman MMF-1. Lots of Cwejman modules track one volt per octave, this is one of them. This is the ow pass mode but it will track in the other modes including the awesome dual band pass mode. The next is the Analogue Systems rs120 Comb Filter. It does not track one volt per octave but the feedback makes for an interesting tone for an oscillator. All modules are being sequenced by the A.S. rs200.

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