Thursday, January 29, 2009

BCM Welcomes Diabolical Devices and Class A Electronics

We're very very excited to offer instruments from Diabolical Devices and their sister company Class A Electronics. Diabolical takes instruments like the Roland TR-707 drum machine, the Casio SK-1 and others and modifies them. Whether it's a pitch mod for every drum sound, or a banana plug patch bay for different bends, or an added LFO, these pieces come back from the dead!

Here's a picture of a circuit bent TR-7027. This is a Roland TR-707 that also has the sounds from a Roland TR-727. You can switch back and forth. All the drum sounds have pitch mods with knobs to control the bends. They also have three separate global bends and a cymbal delay bend. On the left there's a banana plug patch bay allowing you to link several bends at once creating some truly unique sounds.

Class A Electronics makes some incredible guitar pedals as well as small wattage tube amplifiers and more. Check back with us soon for the latest from these guys!

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