Sunday, January 4, 2009

Acid take 2 - Roland TB-303, Jomox 999 & Analogue Systems

We love the Roland TB-303 (who doesn't?), so we went nuts with some Analogue Systems rs95 oscillators, triggering them with the CV and Gate outputs from the 303. The sound of the 303 is given additional balls by processing it through the Malekko B:Assmaster Germanium pedal. You can hear the TB-303 without extra balls at the very end between 6:12 - 6:18.

Along with the A.S. rs95 oscillators we're also using the rs110 Multimode Filter, the rs120 Comb Filter, and the rs100 Low Pass Filter.

The drums sounds are from the behemoth Jomox XBase 999 and we're using the Kenton Pro Solo MIDI-CV converter to sync the 303. One of the cymbals from the Jomox is running through the A.S. rs310 Reverb/Chorus module, which is being modulated by the rs80 LFO's triangle wave. The rs290 Sample/Delay module is providing the delay for that cymbal as well. All of these sounds are being mixed by the rs165 Signal Mixer.

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dyLAB said...

loving the acid in this one