Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monomachine FM Jam

Here's a little ditty using the Elektron Monomachine as a polyphonic MIDI module. We've made a basic patch with one of the FM machines and set the Monomachine to poly mode. The Dave Smith MoPho is playing our bass line and the Machinedrum, also by Elektron, is providing the drum sounds. You can achieve interesting and bigger kick sounds (or any sound!) by layering. Essentially you can program one pattern sequence, let's say kick 1, and have it trigger another, kick 2, at the same time. Maybe you like one kick drum sound for it's attack and another for it's low end. With this trigger function you can try out different combinations without having to reprogram the rhythm line over and over. The Machinedrum is controlling the Mopho and the SFX-60 via MIDI.

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