Friday, December 5, 2008

Cwejman VM-1 Meets SH-101

We're using the sequencer from the classic Roland SH-101 to play the Cwejman VM-1 Voice Module / Multimode Filter. The VM-1 is an incredible module that contains a versatile Cwejman oscillator as well as Cwejman's renowned Mulitmode filter. Unlike the MMF-1 the VM-1 gives you the "Mode Morph" knob which allows you to sweep through the different filter modes. These include low, band, and highpass. You also have the ability to fade between filtering the oscillator and an external audio source. The VM-1 has 7 different oscillator waveforms to choose from and includes a control knob for pulse width. It has audio outputs for the filter and the voice. The VM-1 also has a versatile envelope section, allowing you to control both amplitude and filter envelopes in conjunction or separately. The best thing is, it sounds great.

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