Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator + Dewanatron Triple Slice

Here's the incredibly amazing Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator controlling the brand new Dewanatron Triple Slice oscillator. The K4815 is capable of producing an almost infinite amount of different patterns and sequences. You choose the pattern type, the motion type, the clock speed (different divisions of internal or external clock), and the gate time. You can choose forward or reverse, major or minor sequences and "large/small" which determines how many octaves your pattern will move through The gate out in this example is opening a Malekko/Wiard Borg filter in lowpass gate/VCA mode.

The Dewanatron Triple Slice is a beautiful sounding triangle oscillator with three wave slicing stages, Slicing is just like wavefolding. Imagine taking a triangle wave and inverting or folding it part way through so now the top portion of the triangle is inverted. There are three stages of this that can add varying degrees of complimentary harmonics to your original waveshape. The "Stir" amount controls the internal LFO's to modulate the amount of each slicing stage. There's also an external oscillator input that you can use to slice other oscillators or sound sources. The "Skew" control adjusts the LFO's slice rates of the second and third stages.

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