Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diabolical Devices Fuzz Burglar Demo

Here's a demo of the crushing Fuzz Burglar. We're playing a 70's Strat into a vintage Fender Princeton silver-face. The Fuzz Burglar can do some tamer fuzzes but it excels at blistering, gnarly fuzz. Engage the self-oscillation and blast off!

There's a twelve-position rotary switch that controls the range of your base pitch and there's a knob for adjusting/tuning the oscillations. There's also a momentary "Drop" switch that will drop the oscillations down roughly an octave. The Fuzz Burglar can also sort of track the pitch of your guitar when playing single-note lines, giving you some awesome synth-like tones. Tune the oscillations to the key of your song and shred. Works great on synths too.

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