Thursday, April 22, 2010

4ms ABG and the Ekdahl Moisturizer

Here we have the 4ms Autonomous Bassline Generator running through the Ekdahl Moisturizer. The ABG is a kit that can be easily built and is a whole lot of fun. It can continually produce varying melodies seemingly by magic!

The Moisturizer is a super-cool spring reverb unit with an analog multimode filter and LFO for modulation. One of the best things about the Moisturizer is that there are controls for wet/dry amounts for both the filter and reverb sections. The built in LFO can modulate the filter cutoff frequency and the filter mode which can yield some great results. There's also a host of jacks on the back of the Moisturizer, giving voltage control over filter cutoff, filter mode, wet/dry amounts for reverb and filter as well as LFO speed and an LFO output. Gated, filtered, modulated, funkdafied spring reverb! The Moisturizer sounds great on guitar too and anything else you can think of;)

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