Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tetra MAPS, VCS, Noisering, Atoner

We're just messing around using the Tetra MAPS as a master clock/pitch source. Modules for this patch: Malekko/Wiard Borg, Boogie, Noisering, Anti Oscillator(primary osc) ; Bananalogue/Serge VCS (slewing CV from The Tetra) ; 4ms Atoner(CV mixer and secondary osc) Noise Swash for fuzziness ; Analogue Systems rs60 EG(off camera). There's some really great sounds coming out of the Anti Oscillator. Pairing it with the Borg as a low pass gate sounds super awesome. We're still amazed by the Malekko Wiard modules. Affordable and super BadA$$ sounding!