Friday, August 7, 2009

Diabolical Devices Sale!

For a limited time you can save $50 on any in-stock Diabolical Devices drum machine and circuit-bent SK-1's or SK-5's! This includes the modified 707's, 727's, and 505's. All of these items can still be used as originally intended and all of the mods or bends can be switched off.
Don't miss out on these good deals! Find the fuzz here.

"This is a fun setup. The rim trigger out of the 707 is clocking the 101's sequencer which is cool because you can alter the pattern rhythm very easily. These modded 707's are great for tweaking on the fly. You can turn all the pitch mods on and off on the right and control their pitches with the bottom row of knobs. There are a few global bends on left which are fun too. The Matter Disorganizer is a brutally massive fuzz with an octave up. Between the Matter Disorganizer and the awesome filter on the 101 you can get some crazy sounds. "

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