Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diabolical TR-505 Modular Jam

Sorry the loops don't match. Here's the Diabolical Devices TR-505 with pitch mods sequenced by the Elektron Machinedrum. We're running it into various modules. The modules are the Analogue Systems rs120, rs30, rs50, rs60, rs170, the Cwejman RES-4, MMF-1 and probably a couple more random modules. The combination of the rs30 Envelope Follower module with the Shaper section of the rs50 is a really powerful combination. The rs50 allows you to take a the envelope generated voltage and turn it into a pulse that the rs60 ADSR module can understand. Run the ADSR out to whatever you want! In this case we're sending it to the MMF-1 cutoff and the rs120's variable CV input.

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