Monday, October 6, 2008

Phase Phun with the ASys rs160 CV Mixer

Using the Analogue Systems rs160 CV Mixer as a phase inverter you can get some really great sounds. You can turn a plain ol' low pass filter into a pseudo high pass and get some cool phaser stuff going. Here's how you do it...Mult your source. In this case we're using a sawtooth oscillator sequenced by the rs200 that is split into two identical signals with a multiple. One in, two out. Send one of your split signals directly to your mixer. We're using the two audio input VCA, the Analogue Systems rs180. Send the other audio to a low pass filter and then into a phase inverter of some type. We're using the rs160 CV Mixer's neqatve output, the master out fully counter-clockwise. As soon as the filtered version becomes inverted you can hear the bottom drop out. Cool! If you had an LFO to modulate the filter cutoff, voila, phasing sweetness. Phase cancellation can be cool sometimes huh? It's actually the basic principle upon which multimode filters are based.

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