Thursday, September 18, 2008

MIDI LFO's -Moog MP-201 Controlling the DSI Prophet 08

The MP-201 has finally arrived and you can control whatever you freaking feel like with it! The MP-201 has four control voltage outputs which can individually be assigned to send and expression pedal smooth voltage, LFO with your choice of any classic waveform, or a gate signal. This patch, you can save presets, has Channel 1 on the MP-201 contolling oscillator 1 pitch and channel 2 controlling oscillator 2 pitch. Whammy style. The third channel is an actual control voltage triangle wave LFO running into the DSI's filter CV input. The fourth channel is a triangle wave LFO sent via MIDI (Yes!) to the wave shape of oscillator 1. Holy cow, the possibilities are ridiculous. Wait, what do all four sound like at the same time?

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