Monday, July 21, 2008

Analogue Systems Eurorack Modular Sequence 1

Here is a demonstration of just a few possibilities using the Analogue Systems rs310 Reverb/Chorus, rs290 Delay/Sampler, rs200 Sequencer, rs100 Low Pass Filter and other modules.

First you hear the bass into the Reverb/Chorus module, then the reverb time is tweaked. Then a sequence is sent from the CV out of the rs200 to the CV in of the rs310 Reverb/Chorus giving us some great sequenced overtones.

Next a random sequence is brought in with the Signal Mixer module. This sequence is going into the Delay/Sampler module. The delay time is then modulated by the LFO module and you can see the digital readout of the delay time rapidly changing.

The final bass drone sequence is brought in which is running the Low Pass Filter module. Then we tweak the frequency cutoff.

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