Friday, March 28, 2008

Jomox XBase888 with Eventide TimeFactor Delay

This is an awesome sounding delay pedal! You can hear the dry signal of the Jomox XBase888 in the first section. It's great having it synced. The TimeFactor's display shows you the delay time in note values or milliseconds.

The TimeFactor is actually two delays in one. It has a mix knob, second from the top-left, that allows you to transition between two different delay times, The first delay in this demo is the "Band Delay", the second is "Reverse" and the third is a "Mod Delay". You can hear at the end how it will actually transition smoothly from one delay time to another, giving you some interesting effects. This super delay pedal also does amazing tape and analog emulations as well as a looper. Nice.

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